Terms and Conditions

U-GO Services and E-Transport is an incorporated company in accordance with PART A of the companies and Allied matters Act, 2004. The company developed a mobile application named: U-GO Services

Riders are motorcycle riders (owned or on higher purchase or on lease) who have agreed to our terms and conditions to ride the bike/ motorcycle on the U-GO Services platform for the purpose of transporting passengers, errand services and deliveries.

Partners are individuals, entities, corporate bodies who have agreed to our terms and conditions to provide vehicles or motorcycles to U-GO Services and E-Transport for the purpose of transportation services, and other services U-GO Services and E-Transport offers.

Customers are required to provide complete information regarding the type and specifications of the goods and/ or services to be delivered.

U-GO ERRAND does not provide specific box for shipping. Customers are responsible for properly packing the goods to be delivered. For fragile items made of glass, ceramic and includes cakes, ice cream, food and fresh flowers, it is suggested that the item is specially packaged. U-GO is not responsible for damage or deformation that occurs upon delivery of such goods.

The U-GO drivers and riders have been briefed to drive in a safe manner. However, customers who use U-GO services are responsible for their own safety. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable with the way the U-GO rider is driving his motorcycle, please immediately alert the rider to be more careful. And upon completion of your trip, rate the rider. Riders who receive three bad ratings are either removed from the system or will be sent to training.

U-GO under no circumstance provides delivery service of items which include the following:

U-GO is not directly responsible for accidents involving U-GO Riders to either damage to the vehicle or personal injury caused by the accident. All expenses and charges that may arise on the incident would be directed to the personal responsibility of U-GO riders. If there is information that can be helpful to the investigation as license plates of the motorcycle, U-GO Services and E-Transport can only help as a mediator in bringing both parties to find a solution regarding the issue.

U-GO provides coverage for all our GO-Bike customers. Accident coverage is up to ₦50,000 and medical expenses are covered up to ₦10,000.

U-GO provides lost item coverage for Go-Errand users of up ₦10,000 at our absolute discretion.

U-GO does not provide insurance, but at our sole and absolute discretion, we might compensate for lost or damage items of up to ₦10,000 while they are in transit as long as the goods are in accordance with the information provided. Nominal reimbursement will be based on the receipt of purchase and/or reference to the fair value of the price of goods.

Voucher codes are strictly valid for one voucher per account within every promotion. Terms and conditions apply.

Lost item coverage is provided by U-GO for GO-ERRAND service.

U-GO Partners

U-GO partners are individuals, entities, or corporate bodies who bring motorcycles to U-GO Services and E-Transport. These motorcycles are then assigned to drivers employed by either the partners or U-GO Services and E-Transport to be driven with the purpose of remitting a certain agreed amount to U-GO Services and E-Transport who in turn remit an agreed amount to partners. Motorcycles will only operate and remit the agreed amount when they are still operational, road worthy, and on working days only. This implies that partners and U-GO Services and E-Transport can not received payments under the following conditions:

The above situations for which payments will not be received will always be communicated to partners timely.

The company reserves the right to terminate this agreement with or without prior notice and will request the investors to take their properties within a defined time frame (7 days from the date the notice is communicated).

U-GO Third Party Riders

U-GO third party riders are motorcycle owners who register with U-GO SERVICES AND E-TRANSPORT Company to help them connect with customers and operate using our brand. All U-GO riders will be given an ID card and they are required to make available this ID card upon request by either the customer or relevant authorities of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

U-GO riders are not employees of U-GO SERVICES AND E-TRANSPORT Company. U-GO SERVICES AND E-TRANSPORT Company help to connect riders with passengers.

Services offered by U-GO riders include but are not limited to: motorcycle transportation services, Courier services.

All drivers who wish to provide services under the platform of the U-GO App must download and register with the U-GO application. The following documents will be requested for inspection:

All U-GO drivers are to partake in an assessment after motorcycle inspection. This assessment is to ensure that our riders are conversant with Road Safety rules and regulations.

It is after the download, registration, inspection and assessment that a rider will be integrated into our system and be allowed to offer their services on our mobile application.

Every U-GO rider is entitled to full commission (i.e. zero charges) for all cash payment received during their first one month (30 Days) of operation, after which a 12% commission will be charged for every ride delivered by U-GO SERVICES AND E-TRANSPORT Company.

Riders who do not remit the 12% commission for cash received as payment after their first one month (30 days) of operation from orders received through the mobile application will have their account suspended if the agreed 12% commission is not paid to U-GO after 5 days.

Each third party riders is to remit ₦500 (five hundred naira) from Mondays – Fridays. Failure to comply will result to rider suspension and/or complete removal from the system.

U-GO reserves the right to deactivate, delete or suspend any rider who is not compliant or go contrary to her Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.


GO-MONEY is the name of our eWallet
Go Credit is the monetary value on the Go Money account
Us refer to U-GO Services and E-Transport

1. General U-GO eWallet Rules

These terms and condition forms an agreement between you and us, U-GO Services and E-Transport whenever you use our Go Money. You must read thess terms and conditions carefully because they explain your and U-GO’s legal rights and duties to each other. If you use our Go Money eWallet, you accept that these rules apply to you.

Note: You use this service at your own risk. We make no warranty of any kind about the services to you or any other person.

2. U-GO eWallet Services

The U-GO eWallet services include but are not limited to:
2.1 Credit their Go Money account
2.2 Pay for transportation services
2.3 Pay for vendor services

2.1 Crediting Your Go Money Account

you can credit your Go Money account using any of the registered and approved bank cards in Nigeria.

When you credit your Go Money account, you are instructing us, and agree to do the following:

2.2 Pay For Transportation Services

You can pay for bike and cab services using your Go Money. Once you do this, we will send an SMS to you notifying you of this transaction.

You can also use the funds on your Go Money account to pay for errand services

2.3 Pay for Vendor Services

When you choose to pay for a services using our Go Money service, you instruct us and agree that part or all of the funds on your Go Money account should be used to pay for the goods or services you ordered using U-GO.

3. Registered eWallet Holders

You are a registered Go Money account holder if you have downloaded our mobile application and registered with us.

4. Rules on Update

Theses rules will continually change. We will communicate changes that are important to the eWallet services to you. If you do not agree to the changes, you should not use the Go Money service anymore. If you use the Go Money service after we have communicated this notice to you, we can assume that you have read, understood and agreed to these new rules. It is your duty to check for updates on our terms and conditions as they will periodically be reviewed.

5. How We Will Communicate with You and The Go-Money Call Center

Any information or communication about the Go Money maybe sent to your registered email address or/and as an SMS.

The Go Money call center will be available from 8am to 6pm on a Monday to Saturday. The Go Money call center will not be available on public holidays. To block a Go Money account on public holidays, call this number 07033765151

6. Limits Apply

Transaction and channel limit apply to the Go Money services. There are daily and monthly eWallet limits and these limits apply to the Go Money services. If the limits are reached, you will not be able to continue to use the Go Money services until some or all of the funds held on your Go Money account are used up.

To understand the limits that apply, please visit (moneywave website link) and search for eWallet limit or call our customer support line on 09060003206 for more information.

7. Fees and Charges

Crediting your Go Money account with your acceptable bank card incur charges. We will deduct this fee from your Go Money fund

8. Reversals

Sender Initiated Reversals

Head Office

Plot 11A, road 2, Ikota Villa Estate, by Mega Chicken, Lekki-Express way, Lagos state.

Email: info@ugoservices.com

Phone: +234906 000 3206